Load next song in the background

This may have come up before (sorry) but in case it hasn’t:

A suggestion: an option so the next track in the playlist is loaded in a background thread.

I know there is “pre-load set list”, and I’ve used it a great deal, but sometimes I have 30 songs in a play list with numerous plugins and I worry about the load on Cantabile. Yet being able to switch to the next song instantly is a great feature.

If the next song at least was loaded and ready that would be great.

And, Brad, I know that Cantabile keeps plugins in memory to facilitate quick loading - I think? - (especially I assume with pre-load set list) but does it unload unused plugins if it starts to feel the strain?

This is covered already here:

Ah! Guessed it must have come up before.

Get’s +1 from me. I think!