Load in the Controller Bar

I’ve just discovered a handy little feature. If you want to keep an eye on Cantabile’s load, but you have the Monitor Pane and Toolbar pane hidden in Live Mode (as I do), you can just set up a Controller Bar button to show the load!

I just made a “Load” indicator by going into Customize->Caption and entering $(Load)%. Simple little hack!

On a related note, does anyone know if there’s a comprehensive list of variables like $(Load) anywhere?



No, but I would like to see that as well!


Yes: When editing a note you can see the list after clicking that right arrow at the right side of text-area!
EDIT: although $(load) isn’t listed there.

So, yes a complete list would be very handy!
(I’ve also searched through docs for that yesterday.)

That is really cool Neil ! I have often wondered how the community uses the controller bar in their particular situations, but have seen very little reference to it.


Hmm, there used to be one in the user guides when there was still a large status panel, but it seems to have been cleaned out during @brad’ s reworking the user guides.

@brad: could you bring the list back? Maybe in the show notes section (which currently doesn’t mention the capability of using variables in show notes → might want to add that as well…)



Hey Guys,

The page in the guide was always there, I just broke the link to it. Put it back, and here’s the page:


And logged the show notes editing stuff here.



Thank you so much Brad !!!

Hey @brad: just to be sure - in the “add show note” dialog, there IS an arrow that pops up the variables selection submenu. My comment was only that the current version of the show notes GUIDE doesn’t show this submenu and doesn’t mention the ability to use variables in show notes.

So no need to do anything on the program - just the guides page.



Ah ok - gotcha. Added a mention to the guide and for the next build enhanced the menu: