LivePrompter: One More Sneak Peek

Understand - but note that this will have ugly formatting consequences when you get used to the new instant “Transpose” function :wink:

All settings seems to be correct. The setlist and midisend was those I’ve used all the time. I’ll dig a little more into this - I believed that I had my Cantabile upgrade to 4.1 in place, but there might be some leftovers there that I have missed. I was a little too impatient and apparently made too many changes at the same time.

Seems my upgrade to 4.1 is a little more tricky, I apparently used “features” that were not official, I need to work a bit on my setup before I can test the LivePrompter upgrade, too many changes at the same time is not a good way to test.

when you do, there is a new release available - see Download – LivePrompter

BTW: there’s’also a macOS version there…


Sneak peek time is over - it’s official! LivePrompter is now multi-platform :slight_smile:

OK, I hear the Linux folks howling “what about us?”… But I’m thinking about a Raspberry Pi version sometime next year…


A quick update on chords-only lines:

Here’s a sneak preview of things to come:

introducing the start_of_grid and end_of_grid chordpro directives. This may help you keep songs on one page :wink: . The first verse and chorus have been formatted using the chord grid feature, the next verse and chorus my “old way” which results in two text lines per chord line. Chord Grids can definitely make things cleaner…

Coming soon - just will need to do some more testing to make sure everything stays stable. I’ve introduced a couple of new features with this release, so I hope I’ve not introduced some nastiness somewhere…



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Ay, that was really nice of you - yes, that is exactly what I’ll need, looking forward to be able to switch to the new version.

And let me know if you want any assistance on testing if there are any scenarios you want to try on others setup.


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