Live Vocal Processing with Cantabile 3

Hi All,

Does anyone out there use Cantabile for live ITB vocal processing and if so what do you like and use?
I have been experimenting with Eventide UltraChannel and UltraReverb. I tried the reverb in series in the rack but later went to a buss reverb in the main song layer that could be fed by other vstis and blended with the Dry signals to the main out. Thanks for the input.


Hi Dave

I do some vocal processing in a couple of bands through C3. I started with some of the Waves plugs, because I had them available, and, for the most part, did pretty well. The latency wasn’t bad. I moved to Soundtoys, and got much better results. I really like the Eventide plugs, but haven’t tried them yet. I used the Izotope for a short period, but terrible latency. I was going for harmonies at the time, and trust me, get a TC Helicon for that. It is really dependant on your setup. I like being able to change effects through C3, but many times I think I would be better off with hardware gear that responds to C3 commands.


Hey Corky,

I had a feeling Harmony stuff would be edge of the known world for turnaround time. I still have an old digitech vocalizer that I did midi keyboard assigned harmony and it had it’s latency to it too. I am also trying out Seventh Heaven Reverb on the reverb buss and wow is it something on vocals, keys, guitars I can’t hardly make it sound bad …


Is that a preset on the UltraReverb? Seventh Heaven Reverb, that is.

See Here Corky,


AHHHH! Got it. Haven’t seen this before. Sounds very natural. I am going to download the demo and give it a try. Any latency problems at all?

No, it’s pretty nice to the resources and I am running at 128 samples.

That’s great! I see it is a fusion of IR and sampling, very interesting. I recently bought a QSC digital mixer for smaller gigs, and the effects are amazing, BUT, I have no instant control over them. Just on and off. Not good to stop between songs and adjust, lol. I like doubling effect in some of my vocals, but so far only able to get it thru a tight delay which hasn’t been too convincing yet.


The UltraChannel has a micro- pitch tool I use to thicken and I forgot to add that i have the Soundtoys EchoBoy and use the Tape setting at shorter delay no feedback for doubling but only in studio, I should try it live as well.

Thanks for the info. Echoboy didn’t give me any latency problems. Let me know how it works for you live.