Live Prompter Website contact not working

Hi I’ve signed up to the Forum to find Torsten regarding Live Prompter software? I’m wanting to contact Torsten via his contact page via LivePrompter however, the contact page doesn’t submit correctly. Is there an email address of any way I can contact him?

Many Thanks


Hi Robert and Welcome,

@Torsten be reached by leaving a PM on this page


Hey Rob,

looks like you succeeded in contacting me via my band homepage - I’ll send you a reply shortly.

But I’ve just tested the contact form on - it seems to work nicely, but I haven’t received an email from you there… Can you tell me what didn’t work? The only bit I can imagine is that you left out ticking the “I am not a robot” thingy at the bottom?



Hey website issue person your post looks like spam to me …:unamused:

please let me be wrong and you are a C3 enthusiast, in which case I will say sorry!


Definitely spam! Can this be removed?