Live Processing on vocals

Hello folks,

I would like to process a lead vocal in a Live situation with Cantabile Performer. I guess latency setting is the golden key. I own a Rme Baby face Pro and a good laptop. In an ideal world, I would like to create a rack with
a) waves tune real time
b) waves Eddy Kramer Vocal channel

Do you think it could be done ? Did anybody here try something in the same way, please ?

Thanks by advance for your advice.


I am trying the same thing this evening but with different VSTs, tomorrow I can share my experience.
Vsts I want to test:

  • Fresh Air
  • bpb Saturator
  • HY Delay 4 Free
  • some Valhalla Reverbs etc

all VSTs are freeware.

My audio interface is directly integrated in our new rack mixing console (Soundcraft Ui24r), so I am very curious about performance.

Greetings, Tom

All right, thanks very much.

I m looking forward for your test feedback, dear Siggin0er. Good luck !

I’ve researched but not tested - waves tune real time should work (low enough latency for most singers) with the RME BFP. Not sure what will happen when you add the Eddy Kramer Vocal channel - I remember reading years ago that it added some latency.

Thank you. I will let you know about it as soon as possible after a test. Thanks for your answer.

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My primary use of C3 is to process live channel inputs for jam sessions that I host at my house. It works well. I have 16 channels set up with five being vocal mics, one mic on the kick drum, and the rest being various instrument inputs. I use mostly Waves products selected from the low-latency options from one of their FAQ type pages. I route all of the channels into a mastering channel with some Waves plugins there, too, before going back out to the sound system. All together, it involves over 40 plugins across the channels. I am using a MOTU 828es interface augmented with a MOTU 8pre to add extra inputs. It works well. I have used the Waves Tune live version plug in. I haven’t used the Eddie Kramer plugin - I don’t remember if it fit the low latency profile. But, generally, your idea should work, but you may need to pick different plug ins for compression/eq than the Eddie Kramer if the latency is too high.


Everything went very well. Performance is very good. I will integrate that approach for the next gigs :+1:


Thanks very much for this feedback : very interesting ! 40 plugins playing it live ??!!! Wow. Good to know.

I plan to create a vocal rack with some different States. (mic input / waves tune Live / kramer pie comp / waves redd 17 / abbey road reverb).

I have to take CARE about the CPU as I am switching and playing plugins at the same time on a keyboard. Moreover, I am triggering wav. Samples on the way.

Thanks for the idea about thé low latency Waves FAQ I visite.

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Awesome ! Good news ! Thanks very much for sharing this expérience. I would be interested to know what is your plugin chain, please.

I don’t yet feel qualified to speak from authority. You all seem way ahead of me, but I can confirm that Waves C6-sidechain, Tune Real-Time, CLA-Guitar & CLA Vocals (respectively) along with Nembrini noise gate (on two main audio tracks) and Nembrini doubler (on two main and two backup tracks) is working well, and Nembrini delay 3000 as a return track.I love these plugins and they’ll be even better with Cantabile. I’m even considering using both of my laptops in parallel to spread demand.


Thanks very much ! I don t know Nembrini plugins but I will look for it, definitely.

Moreover, I feel very interested to know how do you manage to blend fx like delays or reverbs with Cantabile. I can easily do that with an Fx track within Cubase. But what would be the Best way, according to you, with Cantabile Performer ?

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Tonight on the Scarlett interface I disabled delay and pitch on the CLA-Guitars plugin and used the Nembrini delay 3000 return. It sounded clearer with one delay and the doubler adds shift anyway. It’s all quite new to me, but I hope to rock Howard Amon park Tuesday, if it doesn’t rain. I’m totally not ready for a season opener, but what the heck. It’s like falling off a bicycle lol.

Nembrini guitar and bass amps are the most realistic (playable) I’ve used. Turns out Igor (Nembrini) created the Plugin Alliance (Brainworx) amps also which have been a go to for me.


Very interesting, thanks for those informations.

I have the NA noise gate, doubler, delay 3000 and Shimmer. The Shimmer is too much for my CPU for live play. All others are really well behaved and awesome in moderation. I like Nembrini and Waves. Maybe the Shimmer will work better with my C4, coming soon.

Ditto. The Neural DSP sims are really good as well, though a different feel, yet still realistic somehow.

Also, the Brainworx are ports from UAD. Seems Igor has his fingers all over the place!