Live Performance: Wireless Midi USB/Bluetooth Options

One of the limitations I’m finding is USB cords. I have 3 M-Audio devices that are powered through USB – and therefore I’ve got to run a wire from my computer to the keys. By consequence, my computer must always be w/in 6-10 ft of my keyboard setup.

I thought, "Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a dongle that goes in the back of the keyboards connect to a dongle in the back of the computer, and be able to have my rig sit out of sight and work flawlessly?

My research led me to Yamaha’s UDBT01 – which appears to be a functional solution for bluetooth midi transmission (and power) out of each midi controller keyboard. My mobo has no bluetooth receiver though, and so would require a BT dongle. The Yamaha device runs at $60 each.

I am aware of the CME Widi Bud – which is optimized for Midi and low latency. My contacts with them have verified that for best latency, one bud per Yamaha transmitter is optimal. The CME runs at $50 each.

Total cost wireless: $330
Total cost wired: $0


Does anyone have a less expensive solution that is working for them? If so, please share.
Does Cantabile work with via wireless bluetooth devices? Anyone have experience with it?
Specifically - would ANY bluetooth receiver work? You can get them for less than $10
Any other unknown considerations to be aware of – or even non-bluetooth (wifi) solutions out there?

Thanks in advance for any input!


Hey Kev

Just my 2 cents. Bluetooth is unreliable, and full of latency. Regardless of the “newer” bluetooth claims, it is a waste of money. I tested several BT devices, and it is always the same…terrible latency and dropouts. I would rather be hardwired than trust such a device at a gig.
There are others experimenting with wireless midi in the forum, just do a search to find the topic.



Thanks Corky!

It doesn’t have to be bluetooth – that’s just a path I wandered down. Like you, I’d found it not completely trustworthy (I had a mixer that connected – then disconnected – then connected that way).

I’m looking for what works solidly, and make good cents. (Spelling intended)

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