Live Mode Design (Knobs, Faders)

Hi! Is there some way to add knobs or faders to the live mode? Let me explain what i need…

I added a plugin, and then set gain and volume to my nanokontrol2… but in every song, the knobs and faders in my controller control a different setting or aspect of the plugin.

I would like to enter live mode, and see the knobs and faders with a description of what they are set to, and see they changing when i move the actual knobs in the controller.


Hi @dodopok,

Currently this isn’t really possible. I guess you could create some show notes to show what’s mapped to what as a reminder, but you won’t get feedback as you move them.

This kind of thing has come up a couple of times now (eg: this) but I’m still trying to get my head around all the different ways this might be used. Also I suspect the work I’m currently doing on bindings will be needed to support this.

In other words, yes this would be desirable but no time frame yet.

(I’ve added a link from the mentioned trello card back to this topic so anything mentioned here will be considered when the time comes…)

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