Live mode buttons as programme change

I want to have a series of buttons in Live mode that select the different plugins I’ve set up. I have bindings that enable prog changes from my external keyboards but would like to use the touch screen sometimes. I can’t find a way to link the Live buttons to the bindings or plugins. I can link to States but only next/back, not specific state numbers. Is this possible or am I just not seeing it?


Hi clp560,

You could try this, first customize the button as a controller with an unused controller and as a momentary button

then create binding to the controller number and bind to song states or any number of things. You could also use a MIDI note that is unused to do the same thing if desired.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your quick reply. It didn’t seem to work at first but I changed ‘Main Keyboard’ to ‘Onscreen Keyboard’ and that fixed it.


That’s great, glad it’s working for you! :smiley:

There seems to be only one general Live mode i.e. not per song - is this correct?

Yes it is for having a different view at show time but is not programmable per Song.