Live guitar with Cantabile Solo - any hints?

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I was checking everything out, and it looked good. Was scratching my head where to go next. Glad you got it going.

Not to worry…I display that certain talent all the time.


I sincerely appreciate your time and input! You’re a valuable asset here.


@Corky - or anyone else by chance know how to get the Behringer FB1010 to work in Cantabile? I have tried and tried to no avail. I can’t even get CP3 to recognize it.


I’ve seen several people use one in the threads, but I have a Line 6 FBV Express which is a smaller version. It is a midi controller, just like the midi keyboards. You use bindings to control anything you want. I use mine to change states, or change settings in vsts. Just use it mostly the same as any other controller.

You may need to install a driver. Many things self install, FB1010 may not.


Basing on what I’ve read here and there - people are having some issues with FB1010 sometimes. Personally I am also using LIne6 FBV Express Mk II and it works perfectly. Anyway, regardless of the controller type, you’ll have to do some work with the configuration of bindings, it’s not 100% plug’n’play :wink: I am also using Livid Guitar Wing for the same purpose (and it looks way cooler than the foot controller :smiley: but it only fits two of my guitars).


The FCB1010 has some quirks out of the box. That’s the reason why many flash the Eprom of that thing to whats called UNO Firmware. It fixes all of the bugs and let’s you use the FCB in Stompbox Mode. Where pedal 1-5 are used as stompboxes like on a guitar modeler and the on/off state is indicated by the LED, which is quite handy!

I also own a FCB1010 with stock Firmware and managed to get it to work for the things I currently need in Cantabile. The Buttons control only Plugin Suspend On/Off at the momenty, but if you try to map it to Plugin Parameters all kind of weird things start to happen. I haven’t looked into this very much as of yet though. The two Expression pedals work fine most of the time, but sometimes they act up. Keep in mid that you have to calibrate them on first use.

However I can’t tell you how I got it working, because I honestly forgot and the whole setup is in our rehearsal room locked away.

There’s another issue when powering it up. It just won’t send any MIDI messages unless i switched banks via up/down buttons, don’t ask me why. It happens some times but not every time…

You could say I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with my FCB.