Live guitar with Cantabile Solo - any hints?

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I use Amplitube set exactly the same way for bass and guitar. The guitar sounds very good through FRFR monitors. Even though I replaced the 15"s in my Alto monitors with Eminince Kappa C’s and the bass sounds very good I prefer an actual bass amp. On a similar note I think my edrums project well with the upgraded Alto’s but in a loud rock rehearsal a subwoofer would help the bass drum. I’m looking at the ElectroVoice ZXA1 12" sub. I think the ideal edrum setup is a single sub, single FRFR monitor combination.

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Thank you for the reply @Corky!
I have tried this, but maybe I’m missing something.
I will try this again today and get back to you.


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Hey there, I’d like to point out a solution you might not have stumbled upon.

I’m using Cantabile in conjunction with a Plugin called Axiom by Blue Cat Audio. Axiom is a Guitar Modeling Software with some features that sets it apart from other modelers like Line 6 Native, Guitar Rig, Bias, etc. which is the ability to nest other third Party Plugins inside the Signal Chain among other things like Re-Guitar Pickup Change and a full fledged Delay Processor with incredible results.

For example you can nest a third party Amp and Cab Sim inside of Axiom and use their (awesome) effects. Where you want those in your Signal Chain is totally up to you. Of course 2-Amp A/B Setup is also possible. You can mix them as needed.

Now, when it comes to Modelers everyone has his own preference of sound of course, but I was (and still am) blown away by the Clean athmospheric sounds you can get from Axiom.

I also use a seperate instance of Axiom for each instrument I use (Guitar, Bass, Kawai MP7, Roli Seaboard) and they share a common Master FX Rack, which basically consists of just one instance of Axiom. You can set all effects up in a stompbox mode, which gives you total control over every effect you like with a Midi Foot Controller for example.

The crucial thing about modeler VSTs is Latency in my opinion. I’m using a PCI-E Interface with very low latency and I haven’t tested it with regular USB Audio interfaces, but it feels as responsive as a real amp to me.

Axiom can be very complex if you want it to be, but honestly, I just use the Presets (which are awesome) and tweak them.

I was looking for this kind of an all-in-one plugin for a long time and I know it sounds like I’m selling it, but I was just happy to have found a solution for my Multi-Instrument Setup to give me the flexibility and sound I wanted, and Axiom delivered that (for me).

The demo is completely free and has full functionality, but the Sound is bypassed every now and then for about 0.5s. Honestly… if you’re just using it at home and not for performances I wouldn’t mind the short stutters and just stick to the demo. Full version costs 200$, but it’s well worth it in my opinion if you’re serious about live gigging.
It saves me hundreds of dollars for a similar hardware solution and it works very stable, glitch free.

Link to the Plugin:

Sound Demo (starts at 3:25):

There are severall very comprehensive in-depth Tutorials on Youtube as well.

Oh and the Bass Presets are also really good imho.

Best regards

To be honest, I think that the plugin itself is rather secondary :wink: You prefer Axiom (BTW I’ve heard a lot of good opinions about it), I am very happy with Scuffham Amps S-Gear, @dsteinschneider mentioned Amplitube @christianconnett - Guitar Rig. Christian’s issue, if I understand correctly, is the configuration of the interface. In my case, the very simple Behringer U-phoria works absolutely well, latency is unnoticable (with ASIO4ALL driver), sound quality - perfect. I use it for both, playing live and drafting demos prior to home recording with other software, and I am very happy with it and how Cantabile handles the VSTs and works with my interface easily. I’d recommend to follow @Corky’s instruction and it should work. If not - maybe there’s a problem with the audio driver software?


Just wanted to throw it out there, no intention of convincing anyone, merely giving options. Maybe i went a bit overboard ^^ And yea whatever works, right? It always comes down to flexibility, complexity and tone for a particular use case, which is, as we all know very specific for everyone of us :wink: Based on the replies in this thread I will give S-Gear a try in the near future, sounds also promising!


Hey guys! Thanks for chiming in…

The issue is this… I am using the M-Audio 192/4 Audio Interface. I use it for all of synth/key work - EVERYTHING VSTs. I have had zero issues, acceptable latency (nothing significantly noticeable honestly), but when I plug my guitar into the ‘Guitar/Instrument’ input of the 192, I can hear the clean guitar signal just fine.

I go in and Add an Audio Port (I have tried mono and stereo) called ‘Guitar’, etc.

I go to my routing, I add my preferred Guitar VST, in this case NI Guitar Rig Pro (which works 100% fine outside of CP3 utilizing the same AI). I then connect the guitar into the GR VST and then out to my Main Speakers with everything else… No processing, nothing except unaffected clean signal straight from the guitar. And yes, I have the input volume turned up. LoL

Am I missing something here? I have tried the above suggestions, but to no avail.

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Can you post your Routings screen shot for your inputs and vst routes?

I verified again that everything else with the 192 works 100%. The issue remaining is that I cannot get any processed sound from GR inside of Cantabile. Not sure what I might be missing here…

I am at work, but I will get screen shots later today!

definitely the routing screen would be helpful here. :slight_smile: Probably you are just missing something and we will be able to help after seeing it. :slight_smile:

Actually, it is not a solution to Christian’s problem. Sounds like he is getting sound thru his interface, but not thru C3 and his vst.

I have full version Axiom, and used Blue Cat plugs for several years. I do like the Re-guitar feature, and use the Bass features in many songs. I used BC for VST3 plugs until C3 developed VST3 capabilities. Also, BC is very kind to CPU load. So, I really like BC for many things, and do like Axiom. That said, most everything BC does, including 3rd party plugs, can be done in Cantabile. I am a Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist, and other Instrumentalist among other curses. I use Bias, Th-U, Line 6, Revalver, S-Gear, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, and pretty much every amp sim made. They all have their pros and cons. I know which ones I prefer, and which ones, I will never touch again.
It’s all a matter of taste, and have heard all the pro and con arguments on guitar tones since I was 12 years old. That discussion will never end, nor will it ever be resolved. :smirk:

You are probably not adding your audio interface (driver) to your selected audio input. If Cantabile audio meters are not lighting up, you are not going thru your interface into Guitar Rig.

As others mentioned, a picture says a thousand words. Visual snippets of your audio input settings, and route settings are very helpful. Provide those, and we can most likely get you going.



Thanks again Corky! I will be off work later today (4pm CDT) and will get screen shots as soon as I can.
So far, I at least have something else to check on when I get there.

I am also CDT, so that should workout just fine.

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I just realised, that the original post was in 2018, which makes my response quite off topic now I guess. My bad, I’m new to the Forum. And yes that’s really not helping christianconnett’s issue at hand.

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I remember when I was first using a guitar sim VST that I would just hear my dry signal at first because I had my audio interface set to “monitor” the dry unprocessed signal instead of listening to the VST. I would hear the other VST’s I guess because they weren’t coming through the instrument input on my audio interface.


I don’t feel you were OT. Any contribution is welcome for sure. I believe the OP doesn’t mind. :wink:

BTW…welcome to the forum. Quite a friendly bunch here! Pull up a chair, grab a cold one from the bottom of the cooler, and join in! :+1:



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Yep, I added in my experience because I’m sure others run into that when getting started with guitar amp sims.

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Thank you for the warm welcome, it’s really appreciated. Grabbing one right now :wink: Looking forward to a good exchange of ideas, hints and tricks!

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Hello guys!
I am here with pictures! Please let me know if I captured the right windows.

I am BACK… to thank @Corky & @dsteinschneider
I had EVERYTHING correctly routed (thanks Guys), except I needed to UNMUTE Guitar Rig - I had it in Tuner mode!! I feel like a complete idiot!