Live band which version

I play in a live band. I would need to use 4 - 6 plug in vsts only. I would also need to trigger from my M audio oxygen the right sound and then switch to another without touching my Windows Laptop. What version of Cantabile would be best please? Help on switching from piano to organ etc as above would also be very helpful. Thank you

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I also play live with Cantabile. The version you would want is determined by what you are planning to do. I use Performer, even though I don’t have an elaborate setup. I suggest you try the lessor versions first, just to see what you need. There are descriptions on the Cantabile web site. Also look at the guide to see what is available for your needs. Everything you described above, I can do in Performer, but, not knowing what restrictions are in other versions, I would not be able to speak to their disadvantages.



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I’m now using Performer but previously used Solo. I had a single song with 8 VST’s loaded and 8 song states I called up from the eight labeled (VB3, EPIANO, MOOG etc) trigger pads on my Axiom 61. I used Brad’s video:

to set each state to route to a different VST. Then I created bindings for each pad that called up the song state for each instrument.

Simple but it created a scenario where other players could sit down and easily operate the keyboard.

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