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Newbie here. I play bass in a live rock band. Every now and then I need to switch to being a keyboard player. I have downloaded CB Lite. Would that be any good for live semi pro band use? If not, what would be the minimum version to play four VST keyboard plug ins please? Thanks

Fellow bass player here, welcome to the forum. I play keyboards at open mics. I started with Cantabile Lite and a bunch of mostly free VST plugins for Rhodes, B3, acoustic piano and some synths. It has been very reliable and easy to operate.

I started using an Axiom 61 with an Onstage table stand with the laptop and audio interface mounted on an Onstage laptop mount.

I downsized it to an Emu Xboard 49 with an 11" Dell ultra light laptop and $19 (Sweetwater) Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface. I drilled 4 small holes on the top of the Xboard’s case and double side taped 4 surboard keel nut plates under. I made little brackets to hold the laptop on the top of the keyboard with 4 thumbscrews. The UCA202 is mounted on the laptop with velcro. I use an X stand with this.

Right now you can buy AIR Velvet for $10, I like it for Rhodes, Wurli and other electronic piano sounds. I also use GSI VB3. For Moog I use the free Minimogue VA.

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Welcome to the forum Packhorse.

I don’t know what CB lite is, unless you are referring to Cantabile lite (free).
I’ve been constantly playing in live bands for over 55 years. I find Cantabile to be the best for using VST plugins in live performance. The versions are here:

With the little information from your statement, I can only assume that the lite version would be best for what you describe. There are many members here who can assist you if you have problems, but it is always suggested that you read the manual, and watch the videos on the Cantabile website 1st.




Hey Packhorse - if you work on your left hand keyboard bass (for me a lot of work) you can use this free emulation of a Precision bass - Ample Bass P Lite II, Free Virtual Instrument plugin, Download Ample (

BTW, I think it’s worth creating an account at Pluginboutique, they have a sales on synths, sometimes free or under $10.

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Thank you.

Thanks Corky. Yes, I am referring to Cantabile Lite. Do you use the Lite version? Do you find it sufficient for your needs? Thanks

I used lite when I 1st started, but my needs took me to the Performer version. If you are just wanting to play a few vsts on a keyboard, lite should work for you. If you demand more later on, you can always move up a version. It is best to get your feet wet on lite, before moving on. Brad’s instructional videos are very informative.



Thanks Corky.

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