Little Plate Reverb

Just in case you hadn’t seen, SoundToys are offering their new “Little Plate” plate reverb plugin (inspired by the EMT 140) for free until November 22nd (normally $99). I’ve just been having a play with it, and it’s really rather nice - very easy to use, nice smooth, natural reverb. Not really comparable to some of the top end studio reverbs, but a nice little free addition to your plugin arsenal. Requires iLok…



Nice! I’m a Soundtoys fan.

Thanks, Neil.

Will check it out. :slight_smile:

I’d grab this in an instant if not for iLok. Perhaps I’m being silly but I have managed to avoid anything iLok (soft iLok or dongle) so far.
Sooner or later though, something will probably push me to take the plunge… AFTER a complete system backup!