Little feature request: Define range of onscreen keyboard

Hi guys!

I have a 61 keys controller and would find it great if I could “resize” the onscreen keyboard to exactly the size of my controller keys. Means, the onscreen keyboard doesn’t show the full key range from 0 to 127, but I can define it to show for example 36 to 96. Another step between would be to grey out the upper and lower ends.

What do you think?

Geetings, Tom


I’d find that useful too.

I mostly use the lower and upper keys, not active on my keyboard, also for parts and i switch with octave.

Logged it here.

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Somewhat related to this, I found myself at one time having to switch frequently between main keyboard and onscreen keyboard. Would it be possible / desirable to have both active at once?

You can simply set your onscreen keyboard as one of the inputs of the “main keyboard” virtual port.


Now Cantabile will treat your onscreen keyboard like your external main keyboard.




True i think it’s best to set this function active at default.

Also, any assigned keys would be interesting to have a color on the keys.

Do you mean like this, or something else?

No I mean assign a special color to notes that have a CC defined?

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Oh right - so highlight any keys that have a note on binding associated with them?

Logged it.


Correct, should be handy.
Also moving a keyboard part as whole could be handy, slide the middle part of the key selection to move the range up or down

Do you mean like this.

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