Linux W.I.N.E. and Cantabile 3?

Windows lately has been giving me the tomtits so I was again casting my eye over the latest LInux Distros especially configured for music production.

Are there any recent data/experiences/“gotchas” with running Cantabile under the WINE emulation? For example any latency or performance hits?


Ahh, gotta love recursive acronyms! (Like “Php Hypertext Processor” and “Lame Ain’t an MP3 Encoder”).

“W.i.n.e Is Not an Emulator” means what it says, but some things work very well with it.

However, the demands of real-time audio processing are not its bailiwick. That’s asking just a bit too much of it.


Thanks Terry, from what I have read though, Music apps seem to no issues running under wine. Maybe it’s just because they are small and low “footprint” ones. Not the behemoths that Sonar, Cubase,Logic et al are?

Well, I might sit corrected… Brad does say it MIGHT be possible!


My 1st gen Receptor used WINE.

Is it Windows 10? I think we need to add a few paragraphs to Glitch Free about Update Services and Windows Telemetry using CPU and disk bandwidth. I’m researching that now.