Linking embedded Racks in Racks

Question: Why it is not possible to link a binding in a ‘deeper’ Rack directly to a target output port?

In my case I have a Lightrack that has many racks inside… for this racks the ‘normal MIDI output Ports’ are not available

…everytime I have to go the way over building a Rack Midi out and link it to the ports (in case of many racks it is much to do - for each rack)

so it would be better in some cases to have also the possibility to link bindings in racks directly to a target port

and not via the reverse of the additional rack midi port

By default environment level ports are hidden in racks (to try and encourage building racks that just communicate with their next outer level). You can get around this by going to Options -> Miscellaneous -> Advanced and turning on “Show Environment Audio and MIDI Ports in Racks”.

Does that help?


…is always enabled in my options dialog

But it is not working for my embedded Racks in other racks! (you can see on pic)
so I always have to built an rack output port instead of linking directly to the target

Ah you’re right. There’s a comment in Cantabile’s code base saying that embedded racks inside other racks don’t have access to the environment ports. I can’t for the life of me remember why though :open_mouth: I think it might be to prevent circular routes.

after some tests with the bindings i noticed that it is sometimes not so easy to see when things happens

…so for my case i must go the way over Rack output because it is better to controll for me what happens with my controllers when I can use a filter…

so now all is great… no Problem


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