Linked racks and continuing notes

Now that I finally have enough memory to load multiple plugin instances I’m experimenting with having linked racks with only one piano type loaded. The intent was to allow notes to continue between switching songs if the same linked rack is in each song. Unfortunately the notes are let off as soon as the song switches.

I have Addictive Keys in a linked rack shared between 2 songs. There are no Song->On Load or State->On Load events present in either song or the rack. The rack has no states defined. There is no reason for the plugin to reload between songs. When I hold a note and switch songs, I would expect the note to continue until I let it up. It is not. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just not supported?

This is the way how cantabile works. It closes all audio and midi ports on song change and opens them on the next song.

If you want to have that working it’s a must to work with plugins in the background rack.


Thank you. That helps.