Linked racks ALWAYS running (receiving MIDI, sending audio)

I’ve got a strange issue with some linked racks containing Arturia V Collection plugins. The racks in question contain a single keyboard/synth plugin, and are routed thusly:
Main keyboard -> Rack MIDI in -> Plugin -> Rack Stereo Out -> Main Stereo out (or Second Stereo Out).

The issue is that even when I disconnect ALL the connections, the plugin somehow manages to receive MIDI data, and sends audio to the primary audio out. It shouldn’t be receiving MIDI, and it shouldn’t be sending audio, but somehow it is. The only way to stop it is to bypass the plugin or the rack, or to set the rack or plugin state to stopped (instead of running). This causes problems when I send the audio out to another plugin, because instead of only hearing the wet signal from the second plugin, you also hear the dry signal from the linked rack.

Any idea what’s going on?

Where, exactly are you disconnecting? Can you supply a screenshot we can view?

Hi, I figured it out, and I feel silly!

I’d been connecting/disconnecting the routes from the keyboard to the Rack MIDI In and from Rack MIDI Out from the song’s routing. And when I was looking at the rack itself, I was looking at it in Wiring mode, so I wasn’t seeing that the within the rack, there was also a direct Input from the main keyboard and a direct out to the main speakers. Whoops!

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Glad you figured it out!