Linked Rack "Where Used"

Is there an easy way to determine which songs and set lists a particular linked rack is used in? Occasionally I need to replace a linked rack with a new/different linked rack, but often miss some occurrences of the former rack so I end up searching through each and every set list and song. Very cumbersome.

There’s a pretty rough and dirty way: open a command-line window, navigate to your Cantabile songs directory and type:

findstr /I /M /c:"sample.cantabileRack" *.cantabileSong

you’ll find all song files containing the “sample” rack.

Building something more fancy is somewhere in my hobbyist development backlog :wink: should I ever get to it…


I knew I could count on you, Torsten!! Thank you for providing this technique. Works beautifully! I will also log an enhancement request, as I am certain that others would find this feature useful.