Linked Rack States when transposing - not changing states


I’ve been working on C3 for about 2 months now and thought I was making progress, but I just found an issue I don’t understand. Essentially, I found when transposing a rack and saving/locking different states, it doesn’t change the state. Here’s a simple example of what I’m experiencing:
I have a midi controller (an Akai wind isntrument) …think of it as a keyboard. So I have a Linked Rack solely for that controller. I have a state where I add a midi route to transpose down an octave, to layer the original note and an octave below. I also have another state where there’s no transposition at all. Both states are saved (Control+U) and locked. And under State Behavior the only thing checked is Transpose and user notes.

Yet, when I click the rack (under Preset/Destination) and change between the 2 states, nothing changes, it stays on whatever I’d left it at. I’ve tried both a midi filter to transpose, or the Midi Route Settings… same strange result.

However, if I manually set the transposition once again, and save all the song states, it does keep the correct transposition. And when I change to another song that has the “no transpose” state, it does that correctly too.

So I’m confused… I thought saving and locking a rack state would save ALL parameters set in state behavior. Apparently not?

OTOH, for other linked racks that process audio and have several plugins, like efx, the states work as normal, and selecting a state in the drop down does change as it should.
What am I missing? Thanks!


Hey twaw,

I had trouble with state changes not always saving as I thought they should. I changes how I did the rack states so that no locks were applied till the rack states were populated and tested. since the rack is open for this part I use Ctrl+S save the whole rack instead of Ctrl+U. If in the course of test cycling through the states they all changed to the proper settings upon selection then I Ctrl+S to Save, then select all the states and lock the rack and then Save a last time. This has worked for me since I adopted it. Don’t know if is relevant but thought I’d chime in.



OK thanks Dave. I’ll try that. Now I’m having trouble getting a transpose to change within a song. I can have the whole song save one transposition, but I can’t get a transpose to change within a single song, using song states or rack states. Song states doesn’t even have transpose as a state behavior, but racks do. So you’d think racks would save that.
Maybe Brad will chime in. Thanks!


OK, I got it to work now, but oddly, I haven’t changed anything in how I did it, except I created a couple more song states. I looked at the Control S shortcut and realized I’d been essentially doing that, and using Save All too. However, I have learned that transposing using the filters doesn’t change when changing rack states, at least not for me. I have to use midi route under the “control” column, in my rack for the midi controller (i.e. keyboard) . I’ve had some other weird things happen tonight, maybe I’ll turn off Set pre-load, maybe it’s just overloaded (I have a bunch of songs in this set and haven’t divided into to actual separate sets yet). And yet, my time load is around 50% and system and C 3 load are around 18%. Odd. Oh well, let’s hope tomorrow it’s all still as it should be! Thanks!