Linked Rack doesn't always show all my states. What am I doing wrong?


I use a template to create new songs, and I use linked racks for the most part. So when I build a new song, I’m using the same linked racks. But I’ve noticed that occasionally a linked rack doesn’t have a new state that I’d created just minutes before. In other words, I create a new Rack state, save the rack, save the state, and save all. Then I open another song using that same linked rack, but the rack state I’d just created isn’t there. go to yet another pre-existing song, and it is there.

My first thought was that I must have a duplicate copy of the rack , created by mistake. But when searching through my racks, there’s just one. I have noticed, on the songs that are missing the new state, when I check the file name by doing a “Save Rack As”, there’s no name already shown in the field… it’s blank. But by default, an existing rack typically has it’s name already in the field.

I beleive I can fix it pretty easily by just deleting the problem rack and re-inserting it. That does fix it. But I’m wondering why this is happening? Here’s a visual:
Song 1: I changed the parameters to add a 2nd stereo out route, State 3 “FLA …”.

Song 2: Same Rack… where’s the new state 3 “FLA…”?

BTW I’m on 3587… i need to update it when I get the chance.



Hi @twaw

Not sure exactly what’s going on here, but first question would be: if you open that rack “MASTER - MEDIA PLAYERS” and go to File -> Rack Options what is “Save Rack on Unloading” set to.

Also, does this happen when the set list is set to pre-loaded?



Hi Brad, thanks for replying. Sorry for the delay, got tied up. On Song 1 where it’s kept the states correctly, the rack is set to “only significant changes”. However, on Song 2, the Rack Options is inactive/greyed out. Which gave me an idea… I checked the problem rack on song 2 and sure enough, it’s embedded. The icons for embedded and linked are so similar, I somehow missed that before…another good reason not to do any song editing late at night! Sorry, problem solved. Again, many thanks!


Hi @twaw

Great - glad you got it sorted. Open to suggestions on how to make it more obvious if a rack is embedded or linked.



Maybe a small link/chain icon in the corner of the icon?


Yes, a chain icon for linked racks would be great, and make it a brighter color so it’s obvious.


Would love to see an icon/color implemented. I thought of adding an ‘L’ and ‘E’ but the linked/chain icon and color sound to me.
I actually had also some problems seeing the difference. This thread made me aware of it… But I agree on the need.