Linked-rack bindings

Hi, Is it possible to establish a binding such that when a song is loaded [Source Song -> On Load to a Target ‘Linked Rack’ -> Selected Preset index]. I.e a ‘Plugin Snapshot’. ?


Yes, but if “the problem” you want to solve is to have a specific song using a specific preset, then the easiest way would be to check the box that the parent song can select the preset for that plugin (maintained within the rack, select the relevant plugin):
image .

If you actually meant you wanted it select a state in the linked rack, then it is done basically the same way, just being in the song and selecting the rack, then you can pick:

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Thanks for your response its appreciated. I actually couldn’t get the first option to work and the second I couldn’t find. Perhaps I should describe my ask from a different perpective: -

My main plugin is Halion Sonic 7 (SE for day tp day use) I have this loaded in to a linked rack which i include in each song. Halion supports multiple programs known as multis which can be load by send a Program change on song load. I have a binding in each son g which send a specific program change change to the Linked rack on program load. This works well and quite happy with that function.

I aslo use anorth plugin again by steingberg know as Padshop. This is quite a versatile plugin but i can see an obvious way of loading patches using program shange numbers. Padshop pro (as with most plugins) supports snapshots: -


I’m looking fro a way to load a preset when the external rack receives a program change (following song select).

Hope this helps and again thanks for responding it appreciated.


Hi Steve,

There is the “Object by Index/Name”. it allows you to reach that from song level.



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Dave, thanks thats what I was lookiung for. I was a little confused as it seems to be know as a Preset index.

Thanks both helping its appreciate your help
Steve B

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