Line6 Pod Farm 2 is not capturing the keyboard

I am evaluating Cantabile Performer and am very impressed so far. There is one item, though, that I am having trouble with and can’t find a solution. When I insert and open Pod Farm 2, it doesn’t capture the keyboard the way other plugin GUIs do. For example, if I try to save a preset within the Pod Farm GUI and I type ‘s’ while naming it, Cantabile tries to advance to the next song instead of entering ‘s’ into the name field. I don’t have this problem with the few other plugins I have tried. I also don’t have this issue with Pod Farm in other hosts (SONAR or Forte).

Is this a bug or am I missing a setting somewhere?


I wonder if it’s related to this ?


Thanks, Neil. That does seem to be the same issue.


If it’s the same issue, it should be fixed in 3201.

Thanks, Brad. I just downloaded the 3201 experimental version and this issue is indeed fixed.

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