Launch Voicemeeter and Cantabile minimized

Until I rethink my studio layout my mixing desk is not in the best position. I decided that I wanted to route audio sources through IK ARC correction on the launch of Windows.

I am using the instructions @terrybritton provided on how use ARC with Voicemeeter and Cantabile:
[Using the ARC2 Speaker/Room Optimization VST with Windows Audio via Cantabile Lite and Voicemeeter Pro Inserts (Video)]

The cmd file in the Zip file below is titled “WinARC.cmd”. It launches Voicemeeter and Cantabile minimized and does not launch the ARC user interface. To prevent ARC’s UI from popping up I saved a state named “CloseARCui” which I created by clicking on the ARC plugin in the plugin list while the ARC UI is closed and in the left navigation box choose the States tab and at the bottom of the list check the box labeled “Editor Visibility”. Then save the state and song.

This is just an example: - You need to create a song with just the ARC plugin loaded and in my case I also created a Cantabile config file called WinARC which makes sure all the inputs created by following Terry’s tutorial above are available.