Latin Clave in Metronome

For people who plays latin music the normal tempo 1-2-3-4 is not very useful.
They play and build the music over clave patterns. There are bassicaly four :

It would be possible to implement this in the metronome in a future release?

To solve that I’ve create midi files, and direct the midi signal from the Media Player to a little rompler specialized in clave sounds, but there is a problem :
If I set the Media Player Sync in mode “Master” the loop goes well but I can’t not control the speed from the metronome
If I set in mode “Slave” (realtime or musical) the problem is solved, but the sequence runs only once, and I need a loop.
Maybe there is a trick?


Hi @drsound


I can’t think of an easy solution off hand except to set the media player as the master adjust the speed of the media player - rather than relying on the metronome.

I’m not familiar with this tempo pattern at all - but keen to learn.

  • Is this just a matter of generating the metronome sounds on different beats and half beats?
  • Is the time signature for these always 4/4
  • Are there many others besides the 4 listed?

I’m thinking this is very similar to the right click “Enable Measure Sounds” option except that it’s different beat patterns - probably not too hard to extend to these other patterns.

The main question I have is whether to hard code a set of well known patterns, or make a way to customize these to whatever you need.


Hi Brad

I’ve a good solution. And it’s not necessary to upgrade Cantabile

Obviously you can use a vst drum machine, but I’ve found another simple, free, and flexible way to do it, using two very little vst:

Sequencer : Arto Vaarala - Kimu (2.450 Kb)
Clave sound generator : Clog boxes (9.646 Kb)

I’ve programmed a rack with four states. Everyone with a different pattern.
Clog Boxes has four different clave sounds. You can select one of it playing C1 to E1. Immediatly the sequence begins. To stop it you have to play F1.
And tempo is controlled by Cantabile

If someone wants this rack, let me know

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