Latency without Cantabile


I would like to use some of my plugins in standalone mode (like KeyScape or Superior Drummer) however, I noticed that a significant latency appears when I launch them outside of Cantabile, as if Cantabile provides a perfect environment without audible latency for the plugins while Windows alone obviously does not.

Do you have any idea why this latency disappears within Cantabile ? How could I get the same low latency in standalone mode ?

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Check that you are using the same audio drivers for the standalone apps, and that the buffer/latency settings are the same.

I was so sure that the plugins would fetch the ASIO driver from my sound card automatically that I didn’t even check… It seems obvious now, sorry for that, thanks !

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No, they tend to default to Windows Media drivers…

Also Cantabile will make use of multiple cores if you have them for parallel processing.

Parallel processing is a sticky topic when it comes to realtime audio. I won’t bore you here with details. Brad’s (GlitchFree) ebook explains the reason of this ominous point¹.
You can check this by comparing a laptop that uses a 16-core processor, and a desktop PC that uses a 6-core. The desktop PC will always win, achieving lower latency, 'cause higher processor frequency.
Needless to say, I’m talking about “audio buffer processing time” which is the real culprit for the audible latency. In Cantabile, this parameter refers to the so-called “Time Load” in the “Load & Info” screen.

(¹) : At least, this sounds ominous to me, and (I guess) to all developers of audio progs. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: