Laptop Touchpad as X/Y controller

Hello Cantabulous people,
I use a Lenovo Laptop and would like to repurpose the touchpad to send X/Y MIDI data to my Arturia Prophet VS synth. How is this possible? If it more trouble than it’s worth can you recommend any hardware to control these? I could use my Faders/knobs in my controller but a stick would be better.

There is a plugin that is supposed to turn your touchpad into a MIDI controller - look here:

I personally would probably just get a Korg NanoPad 2 - has a nice X/Y pad, and less potential for things to go wrong with the laptop’s touchpad…

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Hello Torsten,
thanks for the quick reply. I will give the software a try first and if this doesn’t work then the Nano. I would prefer not to buy more gear but I’ll do what’s necessary for the music.

  • Christopher