Laptop on stage

Not used Cantabile on stage yet but looking ahead, I’m not sure what’s best…

I bought a camera case for my laptop and audio interface but can’t find a suitable stand to put it on. I don’t sit down to perform and everything I’ve looked at is too low.

Wondering how everyone else got around this?

Loads of choices. Something like this

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Here’s my favorite:

Use it for laptops, drum pad (Akai MPD-218), and also second monitors (like the Viewsonic 15" and 17" LCDs)

Something like this is helpful:


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Thanks for all the links.

I didn’t realise gravity make these stands.i have an upright for holding my touch screen and its excellent quality

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I have actually used a home cinema sub-woofer speaker stand, although it is largely idle now as I now play sitting down, so the laptop hovers up in mid-air like an alien spying device! It is great for when standing to play the keyboard, though! So I now sit the laptop on a chair next to where I am positioned. A bit crude, but it works.

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All sorted now.
I tend to play stage sharing gigs and need to be on and off quickly.
In the end I went for a decent transit case and using a keyboard stand to sit it on.

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