Laptop keyboard hotkeys for running and "unrunning" a track


Hi All.

Pardon my newbie question, but how do you run and “Unrun” a track?

I can see you can backspace to run a track, but how do you unrun a track?

I just want to arrow up and down on the laptop keyboard and enable and disable a track.




Hi David and Welcome!,

Do you mean a “Rack”? The track usually means a media file loaded in a player. Could you please set me right then I’ll know how to reply.




Hi David,

I got to thinking on it and think this location will give you the answers. Go to Tools>Options>Hot Keys and study the list. you can customize as well if you want by editing the entries.



Thanks, Dave!
Got it!
I created a “+” hot key to “Run Mode Suspended”, as it was to the key to the left of “backspace” to “Run Mode Running.” If that makes sense :slight_smile: