Laptop Died - fastest way to replace all my Cantabile stuff

My laptop suffered death by iced tea. Nearly all of my Cantabile stuff (including the plugin installers, etc.) was backed up to OneDrive, so I have those.

I bought an Alienware NUC that is very powerful, but I can’t figure out how to map the old MIDI in and Audio Outs to the new laptop. I didn’t use any of the default mapping on the old PC, so all of my programming isn’t working.

I seem to remember that

Here’s the information as I recall.

  1. Keyboards 1 and 2 go into a USB hub, and are mapped in Cantabile as Upper and Lower.
  2. I map these keyboards to the VST’s, either in racks or in individual VST’s.
  3. Each of the VST’s routes to a Rack that is setup to an output (4 channels/2 stereo pairs).

I know there is a way to remap things easily and have aliases for devices, but I Can’t figure out how it works…

The basic process here would be to get Cantabile’s Audio and MIDI Ports configured with the same names as before. So long as the names match (exactly) and are connected to the same devices, it should all sync up and work.

You shouldn’t need to use aliases unless you want to change the names of the ports as they’re used in your song files.


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Thank you. That worked great Brad.