Laptop crash whilst playing live

Hi All.
I had a Windows blue screen of death (BSOD) while playing live last weekend. Very embarrassing. It took about five minutes to reboot and load Cantabile again (it felt like a lot longer).

The crash happened when I accidentally pulled out the Scarlett 2i4 USB cable from the laptop (I trod on the cable trying to retrieve the sustain pedal which migrated towards the back of my set up). I have since managed to repeat the crash at home.

So lesson 1 - take more care to make cabling and pedals secure (but I was short on set up time and rushed it).

However, does anyone know if the crash is avoidable?
Is it a Scarlett driver issue, a Cantabile issue or operating system?
I’m not sure how to find out these things.
Any help would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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This is an issue related to the driver from focusrite. The same happens if you switch the device off while running C3.

You could try the new beta driver.

But there is also an option in the settings of C3 which you can tick and the issue is gone. I don’t remember off hand. I need to look at it. Brad gave me the hint. Not sure if it has any drawbacks though.

Here it is:

Options -> Diagnostics -> Ignore ASIO Reset Requests


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BSOD almost always indicates something external to Cantabile.

In theory Cantabile shouldn’t be able to cause a BSOD even if it wanted to.

Look for updated drivers. If it’s reproducible report it to the manufacturer.

I have had a similar experience with my Scarlett 2i2. The USB connection take a hit and a major crash. I have the latest drivers.

I had this happen two days ago for the first time. Cantabile wasn’t running. I had just started my backup laptop to have it catch up on updates. I was hooking up a VGA monitor connection which is right next to the USB port I use for my powered US hub. I think just wiggling the USB connection a bit as I inserted the VGA cable caused the blue screen.

Thanks to @FantomXR. The diagnostic setting change worked well. In a test I removed the Scarlett USB cable without a crash. I plugged it back in and had to cycle the audio engine (power button off then on) to get back the sound. That’s much better than a crash and a reboot. I will report the issue to Focusrite.
A great Forum this.


:scream: bsod on stage! I’m glad I’m on a motu card.