Laptop Advice Please - Cantabile + Komplete 14 for live gigs

Looking for advice on a new Laptop to run

  • Komplete kontrol-s49
  • Komplete 14 standard
  • Arturia _Jun-6 V
    & Patch changes on my Yamaha YC61

I was told Intel i7, 10 gen with 32gig ram, windows 11? thoughts please

i7-10750H? I have one on my main gig laptop, no big issues.

Don’t forget to set the laptop for best performances, uninstalling bloatware and keeping system clean from heavy background task.

What laptop is it in??

It’s HP Z-Book 15 G7. It has two M.2 SSD slots (PCI-e v3), a 2.5" bay for SATA SSD/HDD and Ram up to 64GB. Video adapter is a nVidia Quadro 2000m

Thank you, Very helpful

Good choice, just uninstall all HP bloatware that comes along.

Is is this one? DPC latency doesn’t look good if so.

See some of my findings/experience at: Feedback computer config

I have yet to have any audio / performance issues. I’m now running 3 instances of Kontakt, everything else is the same as mentioned in the post. There was a good reply to my post about “thermal design power”.

I guess the only thing that matters is that you get no audio issues or not! It would be interesting to see what the results of latencymon are

Not really the same model. Anyway my DPC latency is very low. I guess the nvidia driver is the culprit, as most of the times happens.