Lack of clarity about storing values

My Idea was to save different values (pan/Tilt) from Movingheads as Slidervalue for better adjusting

but the Problem is… everytime I recall a State the new Slidervalue will be also sendet on the previous controller… is this behavior normal??? (…sure I can handle this with a filter…but is it normal?)

Only a testrack with 3 states with different values

here I stepped from 1 to 3 …and expected 3 bindings

Problem…SOLVED …

…but…what is the easyest way to step all Rackstates down to send the linked Slider/Controller-Values

or is there a command that fires the complete controllers stored in Rackstates…

(a Mini-BulkDump :slight_smile: to bring all the values to the Light-Software)

ccStepper , Mediaplayer …or any other Ideas how to do it best.


Hi Jürgen,

maybe there exist special software for this, but here comes my way of storing scenes for lightning purposes (and others).

All you need is one linked rack with no midi-in or output, no audio-input, but one audio-out (mono).
Inside of this rack you need as much embedded racks as you’ll need scenes. These racks again need only one audio-out (mono), nothing more. Also no state behaviour needs to be engaged and actually this embedded “scene-racks” needn’t yet to run, to make them work as scene-memories.

In the following example, the outer linked rack is called “M_TScreen” with one mono-out called “black hole”. There are two embedded racks for two scenes, called “Fader_Scene A” and “…B” with only one output, called “OUT to nothing”. For 16 values/16 faders you need to add 16 times the same route:
OUT to nowhere - - - to - - - Output Port - black hole:

Now, the trick is, to give each of the 16 same routes an individual name (using F2 on your keyboard)! I called them “FADER_Scene A 00” to “FADER Scene B 0F”.

On the binding page every scene needs at least one folder, only engaged in conjunction with his state. I’m using two folders for each scene, one for the input (coming from my touchscreen/Chameleon) and one for the output (going to Chameleon):

Switching between the two states enables or disables one of the two (, or rather in this example two of the four) folders. While engaging a binding folder (output), Cantabile sends all values stored as output-faders of the appropriate scene-rack, albeit this rack isn’t running.

HIH, Peter

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Thanks…thats the way I would go at first… but here is my controll (not ready)
This is only to calibrate the Movingheads one Time for the location
to have my specific Points (used in all other Scenes)

So I can create a State “SPOT” and all movers can pointed to this place to burn a hole into the stage

So I only need one Slider for each Device linked to buttons
in case of this the Sliders are very big and good to use for fine movings

I only have to step the values on RackOnLoad…by this easy way

The Rack is in my backgroundrack so it only fires once

linked to the Memorys in Lightjams…

Works good for me but at the moment i am fighting with other Problems (HotKeys)…

Cheers Jürgen