Kuassa Amplification 360 plugin in Cantabile 3


I’m currently struggling with the “Kuassa amplification 360” plugin and the preset models of Cantabile 3.
None of the preset models work with this plugin. With the “entire plugin snapshot” model I can choose plugin presets but everytime I switch to a different preset it seems to load the new preset in addition to the previous preset and things get weird.
Is there a solution for this plugin?

Cantabile 3 v3636
Win 10 64bit


Hi Ulrich,

You could try switching to the “Use Plugins Programs” and use the program manager in the plugin to do selection and preset management but make sure to set the state behavior of the plugin so that “Entire Bank” is checked and “Selected Program” is not. That should save the presets in the song properly I think.



Hi Dave;
thanks for quick reply.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work - same behavior as with “entire plugin snapshot”.
I asked this questions also in the kuassa forum; probably the developer has an idea.


I use Kuassa Efektor WF3607 Wah Filter. I vaguely remember running into some odd behaviour with it that someone here had a solution for. I’ll look it up.


Thanks, Doug;
but the A 360 is a plugin chainer for kuassa plugins that can be useful with Cantabile.
With individual plugins I had no problems so far.



I have the 360. Will test it out when I get back home to my rig. May be a day or two.


Thanks, Corky.
the problem has been confirmed by kuassa on their forum.
I hope there will be a solution.


Glad you got a confirmation. I just opened up Cantabile to start on it, but , by chance, I opened up the forum and saw your message.




Seems that there is no solution so far. I’ll switch back to my nice working live setup.


I just tested the upcoming version 1.0.2 of A360 and it works fine with the “entire plugin snapshot” model so far.