Korg Triton organs preset question

Is there any way to control the amount of vibrato applied to the organ presets? Organ patches sound great but the vibrato is a little strong for my tastes.

Organs in romplers are usually worthless. You will need to check into the preset settings to see if any parameters affect the vibrato, but don’t be surprised if there isn’t parameter to adjust it.


Some of these patches are actually quite good. Still interested in knowing if anyone has found a way to tweak the distortion and vibrato characteristics.

Lee…as I said above, if you double-click the preset, it will take you to the edit pages. There are slots where you can add fx like reverb, chorus etc. There is also an amp page where you can control some distortion.
But, don’t expect to get “amazing” results. Everything is synth based from the 1980’s and 90’s. There is also a manual you can rifle through.
You can always use a free amp distortion after vst output, or a rotary simulator, or any fx. To get a somewhat decent Hammond sound, you need to get a good Hammond plugin. The difference is night to day. There are always sales on these products, especially this time of year. The original GSI VB3 1.4 is no longer for sale, and may be in the public domain for free or very cheap. It is still a great Hammond plug. At least with it, you can adjust the drawbars, distortion, Leslie settings, and Organ types. With a rompler, you are stuck with what they give you, which sometimes isn’t enough.
I use Triton with many songs. It does have many great sounds, and some lousy ones. You can use it exclusively for everything, but some patches are not quite realistic enough for my taste.
Hope you get it going!






Here is a link where you can still download a trial version of VB3. Do yourself a favor and try it out. I think you will be amazed at the difference.


Thanks Corky. I actually own VB3, Blue3 and IK Hammond B3-X. Just exploring my new Collection software to see what’s there and what I can tweak! :slight_smile:

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Pure 9999999999% truth. Even the old B4 is better than a generic rompler emulation

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Ahhh…You already know the difference. Good luck on the tweak! :grin:

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