Korg Legacy Cell Crashes

Hey there people, this is my first post on the forum

Lately I’ve had an issue with the Korg Legacy Cell that I’ve never had before.
When I use it on previously created cantabile sessions it works - just as long as I don’t open the interface or move any knobs or faders within the Korg Legacy Cell.

It crashes so bad that only Ctrl+Alt+Del can get you out of there, but then sometimes, it doesn’t even works and I have to force shutdown on my laptop :frowning:

I’ve tried uninstalling it, re installing, cleaning with ccleaner any registry issue, checking if it’s in the right folder (Vst Plugins).
So far, I’ve noticed that -apparently- the KLC doesn’t brings up any trouble if I open it on standalone mode, and start twisting its knobs. But when I’m on Cantabile (And sometimes FL studio too) it’s crashing time.


(I think that I might try just combining Ms-20’s and Polysix instances into a Cantabile Rack, since I love their sounds, and basically KLC is just a host for both of those)

So it crashes FL too?
Anywhere it’s used as a plugin, basically?

The Korg plugs have always been a little finicky for me in Sonar too, though so far it’s rock solid on the current Cantabile system (makes sign of the cross). I’m only using M1 though. I think a lot of time issues have come from things like graphics divers, believe it or not. Make sure those and other system drivers are up to date.

That’s all I got lol

Hi @R2RO

If you’re getting this issue in multiple hosts it’s probably best to take it up with Korg to start with. Pass on my contact details if you like - happy to work with them to get it sorted.