Korg Legacy asking for authorization

I keep getting a message to authorize my Korg plugins. This seems to happen mostly when I am pre-loading a set list with Korg Legacy plugins in more than one song, or when I am opening a song and the previous one I was working on also had a Korg plugin. It doesn’t seem to happen if I am starting a new song from scratch and adding Korg plugins or racks with Korg plugins.

If I hit no, then the plugin will have an error (only one, not all). If I hit yes, than I am taken to the authorization screen. Here is a screenshot:

That is especially odd that it knows you are already authorized on that machine!

I am not having this issue here, so perhaps some file has become corrupted? Not sure where the authorization is stored. If it is hidden in the registry, then likely the best solution is indeed to get a new authorization so it can overwrite the corrupted one.


Sounds like a problem on the Korg side of things. Have you contacted them for support?

(If you figure this out, please post back here with the solution :slight_smile: )

Thanks @terrybritton and @brad

I’ll try contacting Korg and see what they say. After more experimentation, I discovered that it doesn’t happen if I open a different song file without a Korg plugin inbetween two song files that have the plugin, it doesn’t happen.

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Right. Sounds like a bug in their licensing when using multiple instances.

I went and reauthorized everything and the same thing still happens.


So, I went and created a bunch of new songs using several of the Korg plugins. I then created a set list with these songs. Everything worked fine. Then I added the Korg MDE-x plugin (it’s an effects plugin) to one of the songs and the problem returned. Deleted the plugin from the song and everything worked great again.

Any of you Korg Legacy fans had issues with this plugin?

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I agree that this is a Korg licensing issue.

I don’t have an answer to your specific issue, but wanted to add my occasional frustration with the Korg suite. I don’t know what triggers it (time period, first use in a long time, apparent change in OS, HW, or network, etc), but periodically (maybe once per month or 2), each of the Korg plugins will need to be reauthorized at the time it is loaded.

This would be really bad if it happened during a live show, so I make sure to pre-load all of my set lists prior to a show to make sure I don’t have that happen DURING the show.

If anyone learns why the re-authorization request is triggered, please share it.

I’ve had this re-authorisation happen a few times following a big Windows update. Not sure if it happens at other times as well.


Not sure if it will help but I’ve emailed Korg and asked them to visit this page and see if they can provide some insight…

Thank you @brad

I’ve been doing some research via Google and came across quite a few folks having similar problems, but not many possible solutions. It looks like it might be related to making confirmation changes to your computer, windows updates or other changes. I do change my power configuration often - I only switch to high performance when I am using Cantabile. Others say it might be related to the network adapter.

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When it has happened to me, I noticed Korg’s error message saying it may have something to do with the clock settings (even though my clock is set automatically by the big atomic clock in the cloud…)


Same problem here with Korg M1!