Korg Collection 3 anyone?

I received an email this morning promoting Korg Collection 3 here at a sale price of $299 (usd). Currently I have legacy versions of M1, Wavestation an Monopoly. I purchased these about individually 10 years ago. I’m wondering if anyone has an opinion about the pros and cons of upgrading. One thing that’s always bugged me about the Korg apps, at least for Windows, is that the GUI can’t be resized. It’s very small. I’m wondering if in the Collection series these screens are larger.

Hi. I had the Korg KLC - M1 and Wavestation purchased on 2005. There is actually a way of upgrading a legacy license (assuming you have a Korg Account now) to get the latest versions that have scaleable UIs.

Kudos to Korg for allowing a free upgrade on what was 16 year old software at the time I did this.

However I recently went for the Korg Collection because it was on a special offer and gave me even more Korg classic synths including the Prophecy.

Whichever way you go, then, yes you will get scalable GUIs.

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Hi Derek,

I can’t find any way to upgrade my legacy licenses. I think I’ve tried this in the past and came up with nothing. And even if I did, I wonder if I would get a better deal than purchasing the complete collection 3 for $250.


No. The suite 3 at $250 is a big deal. I preferred to buy the entire bundle, considering the $25 per instrument.

I bought it. GUI for M1 is much better. Triton is amazing. That’s as far as I’ve ventured so far.

Triton, Odyssey and Polysix are my fav instruments. MS-20 and miniKorg are nice, too.

The B3 emulations in Triton are surprisingly good

Triton extreme is even better.

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Hi, Lee

Try this link


I use the M1 plug-in for all my synth stuff and also received that special pricing email, but weighing up the pros and cons while also considering nostalgia having owned some of these early Korg keyboards in the 80’s, I instead decided to go with the Synthmaster eco system, because it was very well priced and opened new doorways into synthesis. A huge deal maker for me was the super low CPU load in Cantabile 3 :+1: