Kontakt Snapshots and rack states

Hello all,
Fairly new to Cantabile and in need of some help with rack states and snapshots. I created a Kontakt instrument emulating a Gibson G-101. I then created snapshots in Kontakt of different settings for each song (one snapshot for each song). I load Kontakt in a rack and load my G-101 instrument. I then created rack states for each song. My problem is, when I change the snapshot in the rack for one song, it is changed in every state for all songs. I can not seem to have states remember the snapshot for that state.
I hope my question is clear.

Hi John

What Cantabile version are you using?

Cantabile 3 Performer.

Are you using version 3637? The “save” function of snapshots was fixed in this version. That may not fix your problem, but it sure fixed some of my headaches using snapshots. Also, save your rack state, then lock it. Then save the rack again. If you can provide a screenshot of your rack states and state behavior (below rack states), it would be helpful.



Version 3630