Kontakt Player. LOTS of ways to make it work. Which is optimal

I put together my set list pile with a Linked Rack underlying the whole thing:

I’m using this monotimbrally for now:

  1. Addictive Keys Piano
  2. Addictive Keys Rhodes
  3. Kontakt Player with Lots of Stuff as a Multi (1 Midi channel per sample set)

From Brad’s tutorial, I created a rack state with a unique MIDI routing for each device, with the Kontakt sounds disambiguated by MIDI channel.

This works well except when I’ve forgotten to include the VST in the rack and I scratch my head wondering why it took 20s to load ahem

I see there are a few alternative ways I could be doing this:

  • Existing Each rack state that uses Kontakt has its own route. Kontakt sounds are in a multi selected by changing the channel filtering.

  • One route to Kontakt. Each rack state changes the MIDI filter to the appropriate output channel.

  • Kontakt embedded rack, each rack state sends the appropriate channel change message.

What are the tradeoffs to each approach? The current application is in my stage setup. I have 16GB of RAM, but no SSD unfortunately.

Hi @cdkrugjr

Not sure I’m understanding the problem here.

What exactly do you mean by this?


The re-loading VST turned out to be operator error. I had a song where I’d forgotten to remove the original plugin instance after I’d added its settings to the linked rack. Every time the song reloaded, so does the VST. Whoops!

For now, choosing routings “Just Works”—I’ve only about a dozen settings I’m using currently, but I can see that might become unmanageable as things get more complex.