Kontakt Player Keyswitch Issue

After upgrading my laptop I have ended up with a problem I can’t find an answer to. I got caught by my pet hate of software licence issues in transferring my vsts across, and ended up with a number of NI libraries in place of the ones I have sadly left behind.

The ones i have issue with are the Session Musician series (picked accoustic, strummed accoustic 2 and Sunburst electric) along with Stradivari Violin. VIrtually all of my playing is live with the wonderful Cantabile, but when I try and use these libraries I have the problem that the keyswitch ranges for thee libraries fall right in the middle of other libraries I have in various keyboard split and layer configurations. I have poured over the user manuals on how to move them, as some libraries do allow, but with no joy. The obvious route is to specify key ranges in
Cantabile, but the NI libraries simply ignore them and continue to give random articulation changes.

If any of you knows how I can tweak Cantabile to overcome the issue, or know your way around Kontak Player, your help would be greatly appreciated.