Kontakt Player 6 to 7

I have recently invested in the Kontakt library Session Bassist - Icon Bass, which is brilliant, but it requires version 7 of Kontakt Player, whereas I have only used version 6. I have installed version 7, but have over 150 songs which all use version 6. Is there a way of transferring all the Kontakt VSTs I have in version 6 across to version 7 without having to plod through each song and manually set up each vst in v7, and then delete v6? I have spent ages on the Kontakt site, and on the users forum, but haven’t found anything to help so far.

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I have wondered that too. But I don’t use Kontakt nearly as much, so I have been content to do the manual update you described (although within Racks, not Songs). Curious if anyone has a better solution.

Hi David,

Not sure if it will help but I found this thread with some discussion of this topic.


I accidentally had multiple versions (in different racks) for the last year or so. I was today years old when I finally got them all reconciled to K7.(edit) I had to visit each rack and do “Use different plug-in”

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Thanks, Dave. I already have both versions running on my laptop, but what I want to do is only have version 7 running so I can delete version 6 as disk space is at a premium.

What I mean by “disk space is at a premium” is that I suffer from vst-itis. Having discovered these wonderful devices I want to buy more of them, and having achieved that, I shall want to get even more of them! But sadly my hard drive is almost full!

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Thank you. That sounds like a solution, one which I didn’t know existed, probably because I haven’t needed to till now!

I use that function when someone sends a rack to me and it won’t load the plugin in the rack. It works well. I should have thought of it, sorry. :slight_smile:

I just popped a 2TB Samsung Evo 870 into one of my music laptops - it cost $120. I cloned the drive using a USB to SATA dongle ($10) using the free version Macrium Reflect. Reply back here for more details if this interests you. Most laptops have fairly easy access to the drive.

I have the full Kontakt 6 but use the Kontakt 7 player for a few things.