Kontakt/Kontakt Player V7

Just a “heads up” about Kontakt and Kontakt Player version 7. After the latest update it seems that when setting a new multi rack up at first it appears that you can only have one instrument/library in the main screen. Double-clicking another library in the library window results in the library you have just been working on is replaced by the new one, which is not too practical.

However Native Instruments have changed how new libraries are introduced - instead of clicking on the library and then working away on it, Kontakt now indicates with an orange line to the left of the window which one is “live”. What you have to do is click in the space below the library in the main window before clicking on the next library you want to load, and it will then be added to the multi, and the orange line will appear to indicate that it is now the “live” instrument, and you can now work on it.