Kontakt 7 plug-in behaves strange in Cantabile 4 Light

Hi ,
I’m using Cantabile 4 light with Kontakt 6 Plugin with no problems.

But the Kontakt 7 Plugin behaves strange: When I try to open the Plugin Editor it just displays a mainly black window which seemingly has to do with snapshots, but the Kontakt main window is not displayed.

Does anyone have the same issue and maybe an idea what’s happening or a solution ?


Normally this kind of things happen if Kontakt does not find all files correctly, did you open it with the file explorer of Kontakt?

Joop, thanks a lot for your remark. I think I know what is the cause:in order to display the interface correctly, Kontakt 7 needs the direct3d version 11 driver to which my legacy graphic card unfortunately cannot be upgraded. The solution is to update to an up-to-date graphic card .

Greetings Petronius