Kontakt 6 Sale. Worth an upgrade from K5?

Just saw an email that Kontakt 6 is on sale (as are several other NI products) at 50% off till June 30.

I have Kontakt 5 currently. Upgrade to K6 priced at $49.50 for this sale, but not seeing much in terms of added features, unless you’re a “Builder”.

Just curious if anyone uses Kontakt 6 and previously upgraded from K5, thinks it is worth $50 to get improvements in K6? I realize some newer 3rd party products require having K6.

There is very little difference, and I really don’t delve into the mechanics of Kontakt. The only reason I went to 6 from 5 was that newer libraries require it. Other than that, I personally think Kontakt is outdated. They need a better GUI for sure, but I can see a difference in faster load times. UVI Workstation is just as bad, but every update, on every library requires newest version Workstation, at least, it is free.

See if these help. The 1st guy speaks as if he has been hitting a bong all day. The 2nd guy speaks as if he has been hitting lines of coke all morning…just saying.

I think I’ll pass on this.
I still have Kontakt 5 installed but most of the instruments I needed samples are replaced by audiomodeling SWAM instruments and there is Spitfire that doesn’t use Kontakt with newer libraries.

LOL… Well the “bong” guy definitely helped to convince me… not to upgrade!

The coke sniffer guy actually produced a useful tutorial video on using Kontakt. He was much easier to listen to inspite of being way too ecstatic about Kontakt!

Agree, no valid reasons to upgrade. I’m using SampleTank 4 a bit more anyway, and need to get more in depth with the capabilities of that software.

Thanks for the responses and the “interesting” vids!

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