Kontakt 5 Weirdness

I started to get these errors with Kontakt 5 loading instruments from the Vintage Organs library.

Most other instruments load fine. What’s really weird is that NI no longer uses the Service Center! They use Native Access. Everything is up to date and even re-downloaded!!!

Any ideas?


Hmmm. Is it possible you installed Kontakt in 2 different locations? This is an old version sneaking around? I think I had a problem with an NI product a few years back wanting Service Center. It was something from NI Essentials I’d forgotten about installed in the default directory I normally don’t use.

Just taking a stab at this, why not upgrade to version 6? If you are updating everything else, but staying on 5, it only makes sense that NI is coding updates to work in 6. I don’t use Vintage Organs anymore, but can pull it up on my Win 7 machine, with Kontakt 5, no problem. The thing is, my Win 7 never goes on the internet, so no updates, unless I control it. The same goes for my Win 10 machines. Also, I believe there was a Vintage Organs update this year, which would explain Kontakt 5 being too old for updated version. My 2 cents.


It’s a pain to find a patch in Kontakt6 - I keep 5 around for that reason.

Basically, Kontakt is just a pain anyway. I have 5 and 6 on my machines, but need 6 for newest, or updated libraries. The Symlink Installer has made my life much easier for multiple versions…no conflicts.

I’ll double check that. Thanks.

Can’t afford it at the moment. I could try Kontakt Player and see if it finds all my libraries and instruments.
Looks like the last version of Vintage Organs was in 2015 but I reinstalled it anyway. In any case, VB-3 does the job quite nicely when run through the Amplitude Leslie.

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Thanks for that. The upgrades seem to get more expensive each year. I’m hoping they’ll have a Black Friday sale again and I’ll just upgrade Komplete if I can afford it.

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The VO update I have is 1.5, apparently from 2019. It works on Kontakt 5.8.1, and higher.

If there were other solutions I’d prefer to avoid contact with “Kontakt”.