Kontakt 5 is on sale

Kontakt5 is 1/2 price at $199.00. Worthy purchase?

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Yes. I use Kontakt 3, Sampletank, VB3, Pianoteq, and a few soft synths. If you are a gigging keyboard player Kontakt has some excellent instruments that are highly customizable. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth it.

Kontakt is also an excellent sampler for playing your own samples. I use it for multi-samples of hardware synths I don’t want to take to gigs, as well as various sound effects.

Well, I’ve done it. Pulled the trigger. Downloading Kontakt 5 now.

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Not sure what this has to do with Kontakt 5??

I’d suggest you open a new thread with your question - it would also help if you structured your post a bit - super-difficult to understand what you want if you just put everything in a big block of text…

I’ve tried to understand what it is you are trying to achieve, but it’s still not quite clear - difficult to provide a solution this way. What do you mean with “does not provide options for multis”? Best to do a quick sketch / picture of your setup, then we could try to help you…