Kirnu Cream and C3 not playing ball

hi @brad,

after serious issues with go slows and crashes I’ve reached out to Arto, Cream’s dev, and he’s up for helping make C3 work smoothly with Cream.
it’d be just plain awesome if the best live host could work flawlessly with the best live arpeggiator.
he’s happy to provide special builds and can be contacted at support[at]


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Thanks @Neil, I’ll send him an email…

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i suspect that this hasn’t been resolved. and not because of @brad.

Cream is the most creative, playable arp around but is completely unstable in C3 (and most DAWs by all accounts). Arto uses Reaper for testing and i found that it wasn’t without issues there either (the transport needed restarting every now and then)
it ran well on an old iPad4 so i got a new iPad in order for it to sync to clocks better (and possible run over rtpMIDI) only to have it crash randomly.

It’s on my list to look into Cream in Cantabile. I believe the problem is (probably) related to the incredibly large number of parameters that plugin has (in the thousands I believe).


i thought that too. but having run the Computer Music version which, although limited to 1 track and 4 patterns, still exposes 17,000+ vst parameters, and still runs without major hitches (so far), i’d say it’s not the number per se.

That’s interesting. This is on my list of things to look into but not sure when I’ll get to it. I’ll try to make time early next week.

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