Keyscape performance in Cantabile vs. Standalone Keyscape App

Hello community,

It seems Keyscape performs quite a bit better in the Keyscape standalone application than in Cantabile. I get occasional hickups in Cantabile (Lite) when using the C7 grand piano @ 128 Samples / 44.l Khz. With the standalone app I can do 64 Samples / 96 Khz and no hickup whatsoever. (This is running 5 standalone instances of Keyscape vs. 5 instances of Keyscape loaded into Cantabile) 64 / 96Khz obviously plays much better.

Any ideas?

I’ve tried compatible and aggressive modes. I’m on an i7 8750H Mobile CPU with 16 Gb RAM and an SSD.

Best regards,

Ruben Stolp from Holland

If you’re running just the Keyscape plugin, try turning off Cantabile’s multi-core support and let me know if that helps… (Options -> Audio Engine -> Number of Audio Theads -> 1)